[3:58:57 PM] Bree: quick, cheer me up
[4:00:15 PM] evonne: does a little dance
[4:00:23 PM] evonne: makes a little love
[4:00:26 PM] evonne: gets down tonight

"As he got older, Federico still asked to hear La Volpe’s stories. But it was bittersweet to watch him believe less and less of them."

this line in bree’s fic kills me every time

i was on the bus and it passed a by a guy who looked like handsome federico auditore i wanna cry

almost as cute as ur jammies

they’re my favourite jammies =7=

[5:10:22 PM] evonne: *diddles butt*
[5:10:29 PM] Bree: woo

[12:41:01 AM] evonne: aaaaaaay [link to porn]

[2:20:41 AM] Bree: crabs don’t go quack

[6:59:40 PM] Bree: no thanks i don’t like genderbends, no need to avoid homo

sims medieval isn’t like the sims. it’s a quest-based game in that you create a “hero” and then fulfil a bunch of objectives. it’s a fun game, but you don’t create neighbourhoods or families or anything like that


yea nevermind

i just have urges to build sims houses

[9:44:23 PM] Bree: irish is a fucked up language
[9:44:33 PM] Bree: try to guess how to pronounce this: Cóemgein
[9:45:37 PM] evonne: i’ve been up since 6:30 go away
[9:45:47 PM] Bree: kwee-vin
[9:45:55 PM] evonne: whines

[7:59:08 PM] evonne: =A= i’m braindad
[7:59:09 PM] evonne: *dead
[7:59:12 PM] evonne: see?
[7:59:16 PM] Bree: jhgtrgfry

DUDE fingers crossed that’s so cool!!

cries at you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my heart pounded so hard when i go the message

but i can’t call them back until tomorrow because i finished work at 6pm

[4:20:28 PM] Bree: this piece of chicken i have for dinner is shaped like a dick
[4:21:08 PM] evonne: eat cock, bree

you’re welcome

how dare you introduce him to me

how dare you