What they were really thinking.

Jaime Lannister, out to preserve Brienne’s virginity for all time.

my bank account is looking really good

I really like working

even at this really boring job I have right now.


tbh i wish legend of korra would feature an openly lgbt character (like that would ever happen) not because of the representation but because lok would do it 100% better than the arkh project could ever hope to do and riley would just get so mad theyd start to consume themselves furiously like some sort of horrific racist ouroboros until they finally disappeared from the face of the earth


Why didn’t parents force me to learn Mandarin? I used to go to this Saturday ‘Chinese School’ where Australian-born Chinese kids would learn the language, but I hated that place so much. I was slower than the other kids and the teachers (who were volunteers and have no professional experience in teaching) never really helped me when I needed it sob.

After 8 years of it, I got fed up from not understanding shit. I wailed at my parents for being so unhappy there and they stopped making me attend the classes.

So now I’m a retarded Chinese who can’t speak her language. I want to learn, but I’m not exactly a novice-novice so I don’t know what level to start at.